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When I first heard of the Puqpress I wasn’t convinced. I’ve only been involved in the specialty coffee industry for a little over two years but still I was one of many who felt that potentially we were reaching a point where the skill of the barista was being lost. Our Head of Roasting, Dean, […]


A Deeper Look Into Speciality Coffe

At the Artisan Coffee School, a very common question gets asked and that is “What the hell is specialty coffee?”. To be honest it’s not the easiest question to answer. There are plenty of definitions out there describing speciality coffee but let’s start with the technical one where all coffee beans are graded and given […]

The Artisan Journey


Change can be scary and good!

Recently two of our top team have moved on to set up their own coffee shop and we are absolutely delighted for them and have been helping them in any way we can. At the same time however, I vividly remember sitting across the table from these guys as they told us that after four […]


Your network

It is only now, four years in that we are beginning to understand the importance of building a good network around you. We’re talking about those plumbers, electricians, printers, accountants, builders, solicitors and babysitters that are so vital – and the list is endless. The one bit of advice we can give is to look […]