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World Of Coffee – Budapest

World Of Coffee – Budapest It was a huge pleasure for me to attend my first ever Re:Co and World of Coffee event in Budapest. I walked away with a much better understanding of problems that the industry has to struggle with. But at the same time, I realised how much coffee research is going […]


Chemistry in a cup

Have you ever taken a sip of coffee and tasted flavours such as lemons, chocolates or even stone fruits and ever wonder why it tastes like it does? I have had a fascination with coffee from the first time I tasted ‘real’ coffee and it has always left me wanting to know more about the […]

The Artisan Journey


To expect the unexpected

Having lived with Artisan through the highs and the lows over the last two years, we’ve definitely been through some trying times. From day one when our first ever barista walked out on us, to the moment our coffee machine decided to give out steam in the middle of a big rush… to staff members […]


So how do two shops work?

Now that Artisan has two shops up and running a lot of people ask us how does it actually all work? Is it easier or harder? To be honest it is a bit of both – we have had to set up a lot systems for the smooth running of both shops and whilst we […]