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A journey to sensory

We all love coffee and drink it almost every day… well hopefully …. but the way we define the quality of that cup is all up to our sensory department. At the Artisan Coffee School we are serious about education and believe that learning never ends. We decided to extend our knowledge and sit through […]


Trip to Nicaragua – Ocotal

Hey Guys! Welcome back! I know I mentioned that we will be going through the sensory module in the upcoming blog but Kasia, our Head of Coffee at Artisan, happened to go on a coffee trip to Nicaragua and wrote a story about her amazing experience on the farm. Enjoy… Trip to Nicaragua – Ocotal […]

The Artisan Journey


To expect the unexpected

Having lived with Artisan through the highs and the lows over the last two years, we’ve definitely been through some trying times. From day one when our first ever barista walked out on us, to the moment our coffee machine decided to give out steam in the middle of a big rush… to staff members […]


So how do two shops work?

Now that Artisan has two shops up and running a lot of people ask us how does it actually all work? Is it easier or harder? To be honest it is a bit of both – we have had to set up a lot systems for the smooth running of both shops and whilst we […]