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Man vs. Machine

Hey All This month I bring up a topic that can be quite a tricky pill for some to swallow. What most people in the coffee industry fear is that dreaded question ‘Will equipment become so advanced that there will be no need for a skilled barista!?’ . Some people agree, some do not…. now […]


Roasting Guild Of Europe: Estonia 2016

Wow, what a great experience it was to attend the first ever 2016 Roasters Camp in Estonia. I have walked away with a much better understanding of this fascinating industry and I’m sure with time, as like anything, I will continue to develop as a roaster. The camp was very well set up and a […]

The Artisan Journey


Back to the beginning, a second time around.

When we thought about setting up Artisan’s sister shop, the very first thing we did was ask ourselves can we afford it? As we were doing this a second time around, we had the advantage of a lot more information about how much it costs to set up a coffee shop. With the help of […]


Deciding to grow or staying with what you know?

It was mid-2012 and we were loving everything about Artisan in Putney – we loved the coffees that we were pulling, the vibe, the buzz, the team was a very happy one and it was summer time! Our rosters were working and we completely trusted the team to run a great shop without us so […]