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Ikawa Pro Sample Roaster

Hey Guys I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and New Year! I’m sure you all received great coffee equipment and were able to brew some mind-blowing coffees! This month it’s all about a topic that has jumped to the top of my coffee passion list, it’s roasting of course. A few months back, […]


Man vs. Machine

Hey All This month I bring up a topic that can be quite a tricky pill for some to swallow. What most people in the coffee industry fear is that dreaded question ‘Will equipment become so advanced that there will be no need for a skilled barista!?’ . Some people agree, some do not…. now […]

The Artisan Journey


Learning to trust your judgment

One of the funny things about setting up a coffee shop is that it seems everyone has an opinion on how you should or could do it. Before Artisan, we were those people – we would sit leisurely sipping the day away in great places in Perth, Western Australia or East London thinking if this […]


Weighing up

This month we wanted to bullet point broad pros and cons of setting up an independent coffee shop, not necessarily from a financial point of view but more from how we are personally finding the experience. Pro It’s nice to think that we can make decisions anytime we like and can tweak and grow Artisan […]