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Drip coffee on V60

Hey guys and welcome back. I hope you all had a good time practicing your milk texturing and that it’s paring beautifully with your perfectly extracted espresso. Right, time for a change in brewing techniques but that’s a good thing right!? So I’m sure most of you would have seen or heard about the brewing […]



Hi again and welcome back. By now I’m sure you all have a good understanding of espresso, coffee knowledge as well as a few extra bits of technical details on what makes coffee amazing. We all love coffee but as we are all unique we like our coffee prepared in different ways. Some like it […]

The Artisan Journey


Learning to trust your judgment

One of the funny things about setting up a coffee shop is that it seems everyone has an opinion on how you should or could do it. Before Artisan, we were those people – we would sit leisurely sipping the day away in great places in Perth, Western Australia or East London thinking if this […]


Weighing up

This month we wanted to bullet point broad pros and cons of setting up an independent coffee shop, not necessarily from a financial point of view but more from how we are personally finding the experience. Pro It’s nice to think that we can make decisions anytime we like and can tweak and grow Artisan […]