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Roasting Guild Of Europe: Estonia 2016

Wow, what a great experience it was to attend the first ever 2016 Roasters Camp in Estonia. I have walked away with a much better understanding of this fascinating industry and I’m sure with time, as like anything, I will continue to develop as a roaster. The camp was very well set up and a […]


Drip coffee on V60

Hey guys and welcome back. I hope you all had a good time practicing your milk texturing and that it’s paring beautifully with your perfectly extracted espresso. Right, time for a change in brewing techniques but that’s a good thing right!? So I’m sure most of you would have seen or heard about the brewing […]

The Artisan Journey


Not falling behind by staying one step ahead

People often think that rent, business rates and VAT are the key expenses for a small coffee shop and whilst they are important and expensive, they don’t even compare to the cost of your staff. Our plan, which does differ from many of you who are thinking of establishing a coffee shop, was for Artisan […]


Summer Time

So we had got off to a good start and things seemed to be going well at Artisan, however summer time was just around the corner. Everyone had always told us that this was a tough time for coffee shops as people headed to the parks and the pubs, leaving empty and sad looking coffee […]