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Hi again and welcome back. By now I’m sure you all have a good understanding of espresso, coffee knowledge as well as a few extra bits of technical details on what makes coffee amazing. We all love coffee but as we are all unique we like our coffee prepared in different ways. Some like it […]


Next Level Espresso

Hey coffee friends! Last month I touched on the topic of espresso making and how to set a recipe that will give you a great tasting espresso. I hope you had a chance to jump behind a machine, adapt my methods and pull some sweet looking shots. This blog is going to be all about […]

The Artisan Journey


Not falling behind by staying one step ahead

People often think that rent, business rates and VAT are the key expenses for a small coffee shop and whilst they are important and expensive, they don’t even compare to the cost of your staff. Our plan, which does differ from many of you who are thinking of establishing a coffee shop, was for Artisan […]


Summer Time

So we had got off to a good start and things seemed to be going well at Artisan, however summer time was just around the corner. Everyone had always told us that this was a tough time for coffee shops as people headed to the parks and the pubs, leaving empty and sad looking coffee […]