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Volunteering in the Coffee Industry

We all have to start somewhere in our coffee careers and for most of us, we make our baby steps starting as a barista. I started in Artisan nearly 2 years ago, joining them after a short stint in an independent coffee shop some time ago. I retained some coffee knowledge with me, but instead […]


Training New Baristas

I have at this point been involved in the coffee industry since March of 2016. Not a long time all things considered. I spent the entirety of those first six to eight months learning the trade, working behind the machine and doing everything I could to become as good as possible, as quickly as possible. […]

The Artisan Journey


Communication at the heart of it all

Since the start of us writing this blog we have gone from talking about how we had to buy pizzas for friends and family to bribe them for painting during the first fit out to where we are now, with 41 staff working across our four lovely shops and a dedicated team delivering the best […]


Juggling, balancing and being

As a working mum, you often hear the same comments, the same remarks and it’s usually centred around being busy, not having enough time or not getting enough sleep – people seem to be constantly asking and checking up to see if I’m okay! Nile, our son was born a year ago and it’s been […]