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The Cupping Table: A Barista’s Personal Journey of Discovery

I have been working with coffee in some fashion since 2008 and its only been in the last two years, working with the Artisan team, that I have discovered the world of Speciality Coffee in all its glory. It may be a redundant statement to say that I love everything about coffee (I am, after […]


The Modern Approach to Coffee Fermentation

When you start your journey with coffee you learn about the natural (dry) and washed (wet) process. It’s the first time when on the cupping table you try to describe the sweetness, body and acidity of the coffee. With time, you start to realise that there are a lot of inconsistencies in traditional processing techniques. […]

The Artisan Journey


Systemise it

People who are about to embark on the adventure of starting up their own coffee shop often ask us what is the one bit of advice we would give them. Whilst there are lots of aspects that are vital and success is obviously not just down to one particular point, there is one thing we […]


Festive times

As we’ve just had our relaxing Easter break, we thought we’d share some of our experiences in trying to adapt our offering to a holiday such as Christmas and Easter as well as trying to cater for the general seasons. Over the years, we’ve tried most things at Artisan and had spectacular failures, as well […]