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Coffee knowledge is a powerful tool that us as coffee professionals use in our day to day lives. The levels of the coffee industry are rising and consumers expect the barista to have a good understanding of the product they are selling. Recently we were contacted by a Qatar based company called Makeal, who sells […]



When I first heard of the Puqpress I wasn’t convinced. I’ve only been involved in the specialty coffee industry for a little over two years but still I was one of many who felt that potentially we were reaching a point where the skill of the barista was being lost. Our Head of Roasting, Dean, […]

The Artisan Journey


Having a baby whilst having a business!

We are absolutely delighted to announce that Magda has had a little baby boy called Nile! We are both very happy, but we thought in this update we would address some of the issues of having both a business and a baby. We talked for hours about what impact the little one would have on […]


It’s not the news, it’s how you react!

It doesn’t matter how long you have been running a business or how confident you are, you’re still only a conversation away from a problem. The other day we were sitting quite happily in the Artisan Coffee School reflecting on the fact that we had just about got the main things sorted (though our philosophy […]