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Coffee knowledge is a powerful tool that us as coffee professionals use in our day to day lives. The levels of the coffee industry are rising and consumers expect the barista to have a good understanding of the product they are selling. Recently we were contacted by a Qatar based company called Makeal, who sells […]



When I first heard of the Puqpress I wasn’t convinced. I’ve only been involved in the specialty coffee industry for a little over two years but still I was one of many who felt that potentially we were reaching a point where the skill of the barista was being lost. Our Head of Roasting, Dean, […]

The Artisan Journey


Back to school

The final coats of paint have dried and now Artisan Ealing is up and open and so is the Artisan Coffee School (, which we’re having a great time in. Launching the school is one of the most exciting things we have done as I think it demonstrates a new direction for Artisan and we can’t wait […]


Why doesn’t it get easier?

You would have thought having opened two successful coffee shops, the third would be but a doddle and whilst some parts were indeed easier, the whole experience is still very tricky but very rewarding at the same time. Personally Magda and I love the design aspect and essentially having a blank canvas that you can […]