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World Of Coffee – Budapest

It was a huge pleasure for me to attend my first ever Re:Co and World of Coffee event in Budapest. I walked away with a much better understanding of problems that the industry has to struggle with. But at the same time, I realised how much coffee research is going on to decrease that risk.

What is more, I had a unique opportunity to take part in a cupping organised by Falcon, Volcafe Roastery, Cafe de Mexico, Collaborative Coffee Source, Swiss Water and much more.

What is Re:co? What is World of Coffee in Budapest?

Let’s start from the beginning! So what is Re:co? Re:co (Regarding:Coffee) is a unique event designed for discussion, leading innovation and strategy development for those passionate and influential in the world of speciality coffee.

This year speakers gave presentations to provide the awareness and understanding necessary to act effectively in our rapidly changing global coffee landscape.

On Risk and New Solutions – What is the risk facing us as an industry?
There was an absolutely fantastic presentation delivered by Ric Rhinehart who was speaking about the state of the industry; as well as Albert Scalla and Sara Morrocchi who focused on managing finance, risk and margins. Absolutely amazing was Joel Jelderks, who was speaking about cascara as a novel food and the opportunity of a new category. Recently he wrote and submitted the EU Novel Food Application for cascara on behalf of Panama Varietals, an Austrian based green coffee importer. The last speaker on this day was Jessi Baker who was speaking about technology solutions for traceability in the supply chain.

Even more exciting was the next part of Re:Co, which was presentations about flavour and microbiology. We saw absolutely incredible presentations by Sasa Sestic, who founded Project Origin, an ethical green bean training company, and has invested in two Nicaragua experimental farms. At the beginning of this year, I had the huge pleasure of spending a few days on one of these farms. Maybe because of this, the presentation was the most interesting for me. The most interesting part was how coffee farmers can control fermentation to improve cup scores by up to 8 points.

The second speaker was Bronwen and Francis Percival, cheese buyers and technical managers for London based retail, wholesaler and exporter, Neal’s Yard Diary. They shared their knowledge about microbial communities on cheese rinds.

The next three sections explored the challenges of generational changes. Hortensia Solis from Costa Rica was studying agriculture engineering at EARTH University where she researches coffee mills. She is now exploring a business to bring coffee enthusiasts to origin. Susana Robledo then spoke, who was born in Manizales, Colombia. She leads the sustainability innovation team, designing an integrated communication strategy. Raphael Studer then presented on technology to communicate quality pricing. He is the co-founder of Algrano, an online green bean trading platform that connects coffee roasters and growers.

And finally, yes, we heard about Sensory Science and Sensory Design. Speakers gave us the required tools we need to understand our experiences of smell to the incredible role that visual experience can play. Dr Simon Gran spoke about the physiology and biology of smell. I had the chance to look inside the human nose and throat to better understand the differences between retro nasal and ortho nasal. Dr Henry Wedler is a food and beverage sensory expert. He shared with us his passion for food and drink and how they relate to the senses. He has hosted true blind wine and beer experiences since 2011.

So that was a day one. For the next three days Re:Co moved from beautiful Pesti Vigado to World of Coffee in the Hungexpo Fair Center.

So what is World of Coffee?

It’s a special coffee event, featuring an interactive exhibition with over 200 of the world’s most innovative coffee industry suppliers. It’s three full days of thrilling competitions, inspiring symposiums, seminars and educational workshops.

Speaking about lectures, this year’s lecture series will focus on 5 key categories:

  1. Science and Innovation
  2. Trading and Commerce
  3. Sustainability
  4. Coffee Farming and Processing
  5. Roasting and Retailing

The Lecture series was in place to connect with a diverse cross section of the industry, share knowledge and ideas through education and encourage collaboration to fuel and grow the coffee industry.

As well as all of this, World of Coffee is a place where you can taste new coffee beans from a variety of different roasters from all over the world. You have a unique opportunity to chat with green coffee buyers about origins. While all this is going on you can watch the finals of the competitions. How cool is that!?

Overall I met some amazing people and made some great friends – I gained so much knowledge. The set up was great, the knowledge shared was world class and every last detail was thought out.