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V60, Chemex, Aeropress…. Yes, we have all probably heard of these names and if any of you are as much of a coffee geek as I am, then I’m sure you probably own one of them or have at least had the chance to try your favourite brew at your local café.

As a barista or a coffee lover, we do like to kit out our coffee corner with all the latest pieces of equipment we can get our hands on. There is nothing better than going through all the steps and smashing out that perfectly balanced coffee, a lot of effort but worth the wait. But when it comes to a busy café, is it still cool to wait 10 minutes for that delicious coffee? Would it not be better if this was available on tap, all day long?

For many years, there has been the dreaded “FILTER COFFEE” and this got a bad name for itself. Bad quality, dark roasted coffee was thrown into the filter paper and brewed into a glass serving jug, which would then sit on a hot plate and eventually evaporate away slowly, getting stronger and stronger as the hours ticked by. Well, batch brew! What’s the difference? There are many machines on the market but the more popular brands have taken technology and shoved it into a smart piece of kit. These brewers have amazing water temperature stability, precision shower screens and thermal flasks. They are designed to deliver consistent brews time after time. The brewed coffee then sits in a thermal flask, which can keep the coffee hot for many hours. This is great news for coffee lovers as you can now have that very same coffee in a matter of seconds – how amazing is that!

Black coffee has always had a bad name and many people cringe at the thought of coffee without milk but batch brew is the doorway to introducing people to delicious coffee. A black coffee should be sweet and balanced, not just dark and bitter. Over the past few months more and more coffee shops have introduced batch brew and dropped manual brewing, due to time and efficiency. The detail that goes into manual brewing is amazing to watch but at the end of the day, we all just want a great cup of coffee without that long wait. In my eyes, I see batch brew becoming the new kid on the block, a lot more people will realise how amazing black coffee can be.

Until next time!