Based in Ealing Broadway, London, Artisan Coffee School is an SCA (Speciality Coffee Association) certified training centre.

We offer a wide variety of courses that cover everything from how to brew a better cup of coffee at home to how to set up your own coffee shop, and all our trainers are industry professionals who use their experience and insight to ensure that everyone who attends has a bloody good, educational time.

At Artisan Coffee School, we believe in not only providing our students with excellent hands-on experience but also in immersing them in all the different aspects of the coffee trade, from grower to roaster to barista to cup.

Founded in 2015 by Edwin and Magda Harrison, Artisan Coffee School has quickly grown into one of Europe’s leading providers of quality coffee education – and we’re not slowing down anytime soon.

Our Team of Experts

Our Trainers



Edwin is one of the leading voices in the specialty coffee scene; he has presented his views on the coffee industry in such places as the European Coffee Leaders Summit, the London Coffee Festival, Café Culture and is a guest lecturer at many top business schools in London. He is passionate about supporting others to realise their coffee dream and draws on his own experience from establishing up the four Artisan shops, as well as the award winning Curious Roo Coffee Roasters. He has consulted on projects around the world and works with big brands as well as those, who like him, 10 years ago dreamed of owning their own coffee business. Get in touch to find out how he can help your business thrive.

Michael O’Riordan

Head of Training

Michael our Head of Training, originally from Co. Cork, Ireland moved to London over six years ago to study music at The British and Irish Modern Music Institute. Once finished he went looking for something new, and when his sister (an Artisan Putney regular from its inception) suggested he apply for a position as a barista, one assumes in the hopes of free beverages, he went for it.

Having already plied his trade as a Barista, Senior Barista and Head Barista for the company as well as as a Production Roaster at Curious Roo Coffee Roasters, Mike has now set his focus on the school and all that it entails. He is one of Artisan's Authorised Specialty Trainers (AST) with licenses in both Barista Skills and Brewing.

Michael had over 8 years’ experience in hospitality and customer service before joining Artisan nearly 3 years ago. He firmly believes the skills he learned in both have been integral to his progress within Artisan and the Specialty Coffee Industry. He strives to bring a greater level of hospitality to the industry while continuing to be strangely obsessed with workflow efficiency and shop floor ergonomics.

Dean Mackay

AST Trainer

Dean Mackay comes from the province of Kwa-Zulu Natal in South Africa, a very tropical climate and chilled lifestyle. His journey into the coffee industry started around 6 years ago when he was a restaurant manager and had to fill in for his barista that fell sick, this first attempt was apparently a disaster, however the seed was sown and Dean was hooked. With the help of his good friend and SA barista champion, over the next few years Dean was shown the road to specialty coffee.

Over the past couple of years his passion for coffee has grown dramatically and his love for its ever-increasing complexity. Dean is now a leading trainer at Artisan Coffee School and prior to this role he worked as a chef and feels that a lot of the qualities of being a chef has helped him become an industry-recognised barista.

Since joining Artisan, he has become a professional level AST coffee trainer in both SCA Barista and Brewing modules. Dean is also proud to have picked up a few awards along his coffee journey, his last being first place in the South West London Latte Art Competition.

When he is not training or working behind the espresso machine he likes to discover new cafes, food markets or enjoying his passion for cars and bikes.

Kasia Piotrowska

AST Trainer / Q Grader

What does Kasia love the most? Coffee without milk, Nutella, Ham and Cheddar with ketchup and wonderful people who she can speak with. She found it in Artisan and Artisan Coffee School. If you don’t see her behind the machine she will be teaching her lovely students in the school or she is probably exploring London’s coffee shops, galleries and museums. Before she moved to London from Warsaw she worked from 9 to 5 in the events environment. Now she can’t imagine her day just behind a computer!

Katie Thompson

AST Trainer

Katie originally hails from a small town in Northern Michigan, USA. She came to London in 2004 to study youth work and 12 years later, she found herself in the arms of Artisan. Katie has an incredible passion for community and the role fantastic food and drink plays in bringing people together. When she’s not behind the machine in our Stamford Brook shop, she’s playing table top role playing games, listening to and playing music, geeking out to books, films and tv series and exploring the vast world of coffee.

Joachim Jezowski

AST Trainer

You might know him by Joe, but he has gone by many other names. In Poland, his home country, he was called John by many of his friends, sometimes even as far as Johnson. When he spent a couple of months in America, everyone addressed him as JJ. Who knows, maybe the next place he ends up in—he’ll receive another!

In his previous job, he worked as a game tester in a big corporation; before that, he said he’ll never work in hospitality ever again. Let’s just say, he never stood by that statement.
The first London job was as a barista in Artisan. He’s stuck around since and is pretty content to stretch his coffee career from here.

Where the magic happens

The Training Rooms

We have an array of wonderful training rooms at Artisan Coffee School.