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Change can be scary and good!

Recently two of our top team have moved on to set up their own coffee shop and we are absolutely delighted for them and have been helping them in any way we can. At the same time however, I vividly remember sitting across the table from these guys as they told us that after four years they were leaving. It felt very much like someone breaking up with you, all the clichés were there – it’s not you it’s me, I want time for myself etc. Much like being dumped, as a business owner there is actually very little you can do about it. However before that meeting had even finished, I know for a fact that both Magda’s and my mind was racing with questions. What did this mean for the business? How can we limit the damage? What an earth should we do now?

When someone hands in their notice, it’s like a big count down clock suddenly comes on and it’s your job to get your house in order before it hits zero. As it was one of our trainers in the school and our head of coffee leaving, this meant upskilling and fast! We started looking at the roles that needed filling and who we had available internally to move into these roles, as we began our intensive training and started working with the new team. With the clock ticking down, something amazing began to happen – a new energy started hitting Artisan, these new guys had something to prove and were determined to prove themselves.

Over the next month we orchestrated a smooth transfer from those who were leaving to the new team and with it came a great opportunity. All of Artisan moved up, Baristas become Senior Baristas, Senior Baristas become Head Barista, Trainers become Heads of Training and a wave of energy coupled with a program that nurtured ability hit us and we have loved every minute of it. It goes to show that even when you think the most vital team members are leaving no one is stronger than the actual team itself and if managed correctly it can be a great opportunity for the business to establish fresh ideas and skills.
Edwin will be sharing some of his views at Caffé Culture so come down and have a chat with him there.

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