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Chemistry in a cup

Have you ever taken a sip of coffee and tasted flavours such as lemons, chocolates or even stone fruits and ever wonder why it tastes like it does? I have had a fascination with coffee from the first time I tasted ‘real’ coffee and it has always left me wanting to know more about the […]


A journey to sensory

We all love coffee and drink it almost every day… well hopefully …. but the way we define the quality of that cup is all up to our sensory department. At the Artisan Coffee School we are serious about education and believe that learning never ends. We decided to extend our knowledge and sit through […]

The Artisan Journey


Hectic yes, boring no

Someone asked us recently if we ever get bored doing what we do as on the face of it, people just see us making coffee, wiping down tables and stacking the dishwasher, so it seems a fair enough question. However the answer is a resounding ‘no’. A little stressed and tired maybe, but bored no. […]


Learning to juggle

It’s funny how long certain processes can take with negotiating a new property, and then all of a sudden – it’s yours and things seem to be happening way too fast. When working out the terms of our new lease for Artisan’s sister shop in Stamford Brook, the legal side of things seemed to drag […]