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Next Level Espresso

Hey coffee friends! Last month I touched on the topic of espresso making and how to set a recipe that will give you a great tasting espresso. I hope you had a chance to jump behind a machine, adapt my methods and pull some sweet looking shots. This blog is going to be all about […]


Espresso – let’s keep it simple!

Hey coffee friends! I hope you all feel inspired after reading my last blog and hopefully you got a chance to try out some new coffees as well as some different processing methods. This month’s blog is going to be about the most popular as well as the fastest method of brewing coffee. Yip, you […]

The Artisan Journey


The Launch

So there we were with our lovely coffee shop – a great property all fitted out – and we had been trading for 4 weeks, constantly ironing out the little flaws and perfecting the perfect cup. Now was the time to launch Artisan on to the coffee shop scene. I remember distinctly not wanting to […]


Baby Steps

The first few weeks are now a bit of a blur; customers would expect us to be as efficient as a streamlined coffee shop that had been open for years. Instead they found Magda and I looking bewildered as we tried to figure out the confusing till buttons; and often we had to make up […]