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Coffee – Let’s start over!

Welcome back to the Artisan Coffee School blog! I hope you all enjoyed reading my first blog and feel inspired to learn more about the amazing world of coffee. Just as a warning, once you dive into the wonderful world of coffee there is no escape. Picture it as a deep dark slippery pit, once […]


Lets get started!

Hi coffee lovers and welcome to my first coffee blog! Each month I will discuss some interesting and exciting topics going into all the corners of the wonderful world of coffee. Firstly I would like to introduce myself so that you have an idea of my background and who I really am. Let’s get to […]

The Artisan Journey


Open Day

With the smell of fresh paint still lingering in the air the night before we were about to launch, there we were busy writing up the coffee menu with the help of our flat mates – and nervously anticipating our very first day of trading! We believed we had everything covered – we had hired […]


The fit out

The day we finally took over the lease for where Artisan stands today was a great one. Having spent 9 months planning and waiting – we were in no mood to waste time when it came to the big fit out. There were practical reasons for us wanting to get going fast as well, as […]