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Batch Brew – Delicious coffee on tap!

V60, Chemex, Aeropress…. Yes, we have all probably heard of these names and if any of you are as much of a coffee geek as I am, then I’m sure you probably own one of them or have at least had the chance to try your favourite brew at your local café. As a barista […]


Barista – The button pusher, right?

When recruiting a new staff member, I always ask one simple question: why did you choose to be a barista? The answers are very often like this: they like to chat with customers, they like coffee, they just need an easy job to pay the rent. Very few people talk about their passion for coffee […]

The Artisan Journey


Why it’s great to meet like minded people

We have just got back from the great Caffé Culture event in Olympia and it always reminds me of how nice it is to meet like minded people. Before we set up Artisan we used to live in Uganda setting up long term development projects; and life over there was amazing, challenging and very rewarding. […]


The Chain with no name

‘The chain with no name’ has been bouncing around many coffee blogs recently and this gives you a small indication of what the independent coffee market seems to developing into and why it needs to evolve and adapt. Even the big players are getting involved as just the other day I walked passed two big […]