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Home Brew Master Class

Skill Level
Casual enthusiast to seasoned pro

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2 hours
Course Summary

This course is a fantastic choice for anyone who enjoys making coffee at home and wants to take their morning cup to the next level or anyone who’s sick of instant (or Nespresso capsules) and wants to learn what alternatives are out there.

You’ll start the day with a cupping (a coffee tasting), where you’ll get to try a variety of different beans and discover just how diverse the flavours of coffee can be. Next, you’ll try out a variety of slow brew methods including the Aeropress, French press, and a variety of drip coffees, tasting and understanding the differences between each one. Throughout, you will be learning hands-on how water temperature, extraction time, grind size, and a whole bunch of other factors can drastically affect the final product.

If you want to know more about the beans you’re buying, or want an in-depth session on home brewing, then this is the course for you.

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What People Have Said

I highly recommend this course for all you coffee lovers. Its informative and hands on, you get the chance to taste (slurp as they say) lots of different types of coffee and explore how influential you can actually be over the flavour by playing barista and brewing our own coffee. - Food for Think -
The Home Brew Coffee Master Class is perfect for understanding the science behind coffee. Spend two hours with their expert barista and it could really change the way you buy, and make the drink that many of us can’t live without. - OMOTG -

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