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How to Start a Successful Coffee Shop

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The budding entrepreneur

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1 Day (09:30 till 16:00)
Course Summary

Is there a better way to learn than from someone who’s actually been there and done it? We don’t think so.

On this one-to-one course, our very own Edwin will run you through his experiences of setting up several successful coffee shops and the coffee school itself – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Together, you’ll devise a business plan, learn how to find the perfect location for your shop, find out how to fit out the space, discover your unique selling points, nail your marketing, develop a budget, and so much more.

This holistic and well thought-out course is a must for anyone looking to start a coffee shop – believe us when we say we wish we could’ve done it ourselves…

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What People Have Said

I went on this class not knowing what to expect, but found it so informative and it really opened my eyes to what it will be like to actually open a coffee shop. Definitely recommend this to anyone considering it!

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