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Introduction to Roasting

Skill Level
Casual enthusiast to seasoned pro

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One day (09:30 till 16:30)
Course Summary

The introduction to roasting course is perfect for those who are not only interested in the consumption of fantastic coffee, but also in the science behind the roasting itself.

Some see it as a dark art, others as scientific measurements; we see it as a lot fun that needs to be shared with the world. This introductory class is designed to take you through the roasting process from start to finish, starting with a crash course in all things green (coffee), followed by a breakdown of the equipment used, then an intro to roasting protocols and profiles, and rounding it all off with a cupping (coffee tasting) of the coffee you will have roasted on the day.

So, whether you’re a skilled barista looking to deepen other aspects of your coffee knowledge or a home enthusiast with an interest in the science of roasting, this course is for you – and you won’t be disappointed.

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