Course Summary

This is a fantastic course for those who are experienced behind the coffee machine but want to improve not only their skills, but also their knowledge and understanding of what makes a truly great barista.

This three-day course covers everything from how to optimise your workspace to how to develop and work out the perfect espresso recipe, as well as various financial management aspects and even delves into the murky waters of filtration systems.

Once you leave, you will have all the knowledge necessary to become a world-class barista – the sky is the limit!

The Barista Skills Professional course can be taken with or without SCA accreditation and is the third and final step in the SCA accredited Barista Skills module. This course can be used towards the SCA Diploma. You need to have completed the Barista Skills Intermediate module at least 3 months before the start of this course, in order to take the Professional.

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Skill Level

Seasoned Pro


Artisan Coffee School
32 New Broadway, London W5 2XA


3 Days (9:30am – 4:30pm each day)


£760 (With SCA Accreditation | SCA Member)
£900 (With SCA Accreditation | Non-SCA Member)

Max Class Size

4 people