We’re doing everything we can to keep you safe

COVID-19 Safety Measures

  • Where necessary, halving the number of attendees per course to make it possible to maintain social distancing in the classroom. 
  • Requiring students to wear masks (except while tasting coffee), as we are operating in an enclosed space.
  • Constant access to antibacterial hand gel for our students and trainers.
  • Where appropriate, our trainers will be wearing masks and in some cases face shields whilst teaching.
  • Each student will have their assigned space around the table, or at a coffee machine with their own equipment.
  • We’ve adjusted the manner in which we execute cuppings (coffee tasting) to eliminate cross contamination. 
  • The classroom and equipment will be cleaned thoroughly between courses, using antibacterial/antiviral cleaners.
Learn more about coffee from the comfort of your home

Online Courses

We understand that you may not be ready to come out and mix in with the public. That is why we want to make sure that you are still able to enhance your coffee making skills on your terms.

Learn Home Brew but from home

Home Brew: Online

Length 2h | Price £40

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Time to make your Coffee Shop dream a reality

How to Start a Successful Coffee Shop: Online

Length 6h | Price £250

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Online learning to suit any skill level

Bespoke: Online

Length 3h | Price £90

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Learn more about your beloved drink

Coffee Enthusiast Courses

Talk the talk the next time you order from your local barista, or just impress your peers (and mother-in-law).

Brew your own perfect cup

Home Brew Master Class

Length 2h | Price £40

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The whole bean and nothing but the bean

Signature Master Class

Length 3h | Price £90

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The art of pouring

Latte Art

Length 3h | Price £90

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Climb the coffee ladder

SCA Accredited Courses

Whether you’re here to get your foot through the door or throw yourself down the deep end into this coffee-filled pool (with lifeguard on duty).

The best place to start

Introduction to Coffee

A comprehensive class including the journey of coffee from bean to cup, varietals and flavours, starting off with a lovely cupping-session.

Length 4h | Price £75
With SCA Accreditation £110

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Hit me with your best shot

Barista Courses

For budding baristas

Barista Foundation

No experience required on this course. Here, you’ll learn all the basic but key skills required to churn out the perfect cup of espresso-based coffee.

Length 1 Day | Price £200
With SCA Accreditation £255

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Be more than an average barista

Barista Intermediate

This course will take you into a deeper level of understanding with all practical skills already learnt. Best for working baristas who are looking to hone their craft.

Length 2 Days | Price £400
With SCA Accreditation £490-560

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The final barista stage

Barista Professional

Investigating the scientific and managerial perspective of all types of coffee, you’ll need to have considerable experience as a barista to tackle this intensive course.

Length 3 Days | Price £600
With SCA Accreditation £760-840

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Filters definitely required

Brewing Courses

Boil, Bubble and Brew

Brewing Foundation

Learn the key skills required to achieve the best quality coffee and discuss slow brewing methods, alongside their strengths and weaknesses.

Length 1 Day | Price £200
With SCA Accreditation £255

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Brew the coffee, crunch the numbers

Brewing Intermediate

This hands-on course specifically tailored for baristas who want to extend their knowledge of brewing and chart coffee’s extraction.

Length 2 Days | Price £400
With SCA Accreditation £490-560

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Become a brewing master

Brewing Professional

Navigate the coffee brewing control chart and going into granular detail regarding courses that affect the taste and aroma of different brews.

Length 3 Days | Price £600
With SCA Accreditation £760-840

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Flavours and aromas at play

Sensory Courses

Sensory Skills and Thrills

Sensory Foundation

A fundamental course offering the basics in the sensory evaluation of coffee, in both a practical and interactive manner.

Length 1 Day | Price £250
With SCA Accreditation £305

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Conquer the coffee flavour wheel

Sensory Intermediate

When cupping sessions aren’t a stranger to you; here you’ll taste a diversity of coffee and learn to taste, perceive and interpret its natural flavours.

Length 2 Days | Price £500
With SCA Accreditation £590-660

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Sensory Professional

Be a sensory skills leader with this extensive course, made to imbue you with the knowledge to take you a step closer to that Q Grader status.

Length 3 Days | Price £900
With SCA Accreditation £1,060-1,140

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Drum roll please

Roasting Courses

Stop, drop and roast

Roasting Foundation

In this course, you’ll gain insight into the broad-subject matter of roasting coffee and its process. Perfect for green beans and greenhorns.

Length 1 Day | Price £300
With SCA Accreditation £355

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Learn the dark art of Roasting

Roasting Intermediate

A more elaborate understanding of the roasting process, roasting defects, heat control and how different kinds of heat transfer comes to play.

Length 2 Days | Price £600
With SCA Accreditation £690-760

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Master Roaster

Roasting Professional

Roasting at it’s most advanced with the full understanding of physical, chemical and sensorial aspects of green and roasted coffee.

Length 3 Days | Price £1,050
With SCA Accreditation £1,210-1,290

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Entrepreneurs gather round!

Consulting Courses

Thinking of setting a coffee business? Or maybe you would like a private training session? Our team is at your disposal so contact us.

Don’t make the same mistakes

How to Start a Successful Coffee Shop

Learn it from someone who’s “been” there and done that, Edwin, the owner of Artisan. He’ll give you a real insight into the processes and challenges.

Length 1 Day | Price £600

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We’re here or there for you

Our Place or Yours

Oyster Cards a-ready, even passports and bags packed. Host us and we’ll impart the knowledge you need, completely tailored to your needs.

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