Artisan Coffee School

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Edwin & Magda

Artisan has been set up by Edwin and Magda. Having both spent a year in Uganda they arrived back in the UK in 2011 and decided to shun the usual 9-5. Seeing the trend of independent coffee houses in Central and East London they made it their aim to bring quality coffee to West and South West London. Their business plan was simple: great coffee and the rest will fall into place. Edwin brings a wealth of knowledge of the local area – having been brought up in London, whilst Magda brings a passion for authentic fine tasting coffee – coming from Australia where coffee is more of an obsession than a drink. However now that Artisan is up and running, they realise they are working 5-9 instead of the usual 9-5!

Laura Bratti

Laura is the Artisan Coffee School’s SCAE trainer and our Head of Training. On her second day on the job, she went live on national television for the Breakfast Show talking about latte art and coffee education and she has never looked back, going on to perform at the London Coffee Festival and training some of the best in the industry at the Artisan Coffee School. Her extensive knowledge of the specialty coffee world paired with her passion means that her training sessions provide an in depth, exciting and educational experience. She is passionate about teaching the ‘why’ rather than simply showing the process and this enthusiasm for helping her students really understand the complexity of coffee is infectious.

Laura moved from a small rural town on the east coast of Australia in search of coffee, travel and adventure. This journey led her deep into the London coffee scene where now she not only educates and trains her students at the school, but constantly learns and expands her knowledge in order to provide relevant and modern opinions on all things coffee. Laura says it was her Australian/Italian background that gave her such a strong passion for coffee. She was drinking her favourite beverage (black) from the age of 12, but was growing, harvesting and roasting coffee with her family even earlier. Her upbringing, which has immersed her in coffee, has provided her a huge breadth of knowledge. When Laura’s not drinking coffee she’s enjoying a glass or two of Aussie red wine and in her spare time you might find her perched in front of Van Gogh’s sunflowers or in the coffee school brewing, learning and trying new coffee.

Dean Mackay

Dean Mackay comes from the province of Kwa-Zulu Natal in South Africa, a very tropical climate and chilled lifestyle. His journey into the coffee industry started around 6 years ago when he was a restaurant manager and had to fill in for his barista that fell sick, this first attempt was apparently a disaster, however the seed was sown and Dean was hooked. With the help of his good friend and SA barista champion, over the next few years Dean was shown the road to specialty coffee.
Over the past couple of years his passion for coffee has grown dramatically and his love for its ever-increasing complexity. Dean is now a leading trainer at the Artisan Coffee School and prior to this role he worked as a chef and feels that a lot of the qualities of being a chef has helped him become an industry-recognised barista.
Since joining Artisan, he has become a professional level AST coffee trainer in both SCAE Barista and Brewing modules. Dean is also proud to have picked up a few awards along his coffee journey, his last being first place in the South West London Latte Art Competition.
When he is not training or working behind the espresso machine he likes to discover new cafes, food markets or enjoying his passion for cars and bikes.

Kasia Piotrowska

What does Kasia love the most? Coffee without milk, Nutella, Ham and Cheddar with ketchup and wonderful people who she can speak with. She found it Artisan and the Artisan Coffee School. If you don’t see her behind the machine she will be teaching her lovely students in the school or she is probably exploring London’s coffee shops, galleries and museums. Before she moved to London from Warsaw she worked from 9 to 5 in the events environment. Now she can’t imagine her day just behind a computer!


The Training Room

(where the magic happens)

Mixing the very latest equipment from some of the top suppliers in London with functionality and design. There is absolutely nothing dull about this training area; it’s set right in the heart of Artisan, Ealing. This glass structure with scaffolding board panels is very impressive and allows for a flexible learning space – from old school blackboards to a state of the art projector, this room is a cross between a lab and workshop.