Advanced Latte Art

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2022-08-27 09:30
2022-08-27 12:30
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You’ve got the milk texturing and the hearts down and now you’re craving a challenge. In this course, you’ll knock out some tulips and rosettas with our skilled and time-honed trainers. Understand the tips and tricks when it comes to the technique of layering and wriggling.

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You’ve got milk texturing down and you can pour the most beautiful hearts, but now you’re wondering–what’s next?


Whether you’re a home barista hoping to add more to their repertoire of patterns, or even a barista who can’t quite nail symmetry with their tulips and what to further enhance their pouring skills–we’ve got you covered. We aim to help you progress further with your list of patterns by focusing on tulips, rosettas and maybe even swans.  


Unlike the Latte Art course, we get into the nitty-gritty of pouring the more challenging patterns–tulips, rosettas and swans. 

At this stage, we ask that students understand perfect milk texturing with the ability to pour perfect hearts. If you’re still uncertain with both, please do join us for Latte Art instead!


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